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[3D data] Water city
  • [3D data] Water city

    [Palm Kingdom Series 2nd 〰Floating City〰]

    It is non-scale 3D data.
    Modeled for fine scale.
    We recommend that you output in the palm size (as is) without changing the size.

    This data can be used as a diorama material by outputting it with a stereolithography 3D printer.
    It is compressed in zip format.
    The contents are saved in stl format.
    After attaching the support material with the slicer software, you can use it by outputting it with a 3D printer.

    * 3D data deformed for fine scale. It is not an exact reduction model, and the scale and structure are different from the real thing.

    * Data only sold.

    * We do not provide support for output.

    * Modeling accuracy varies depending on the 3D printer you are using.

    (We recommend a stereolithography 3D printer.)

    * Commercial use of data and secondary diversion including after processing are prohibited.

    * We do not accept returns or refunds for data products under any circumstances.

    * We do not take any measures for forgetting to enter the coupon, so please do not forget to enter it.

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